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Introducing DeliverBuzz

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it has become more apparent than ever that there is a need for a way for customers and local businesses to connect online. Whether that be ordering groceries, food, clothes, prescriptions, or even requesting an on-demand plumber or hairdresser.

Introducing DeliverBuzz – Cardiff’s new on demand marketplace that can enable just that. We’re calling all local businesses to join us, as we attempt to bridge the social distant gap between local businesses and local residents. The marketplace is completely free to join, as we are wavering the sign up fees and commission rates for the period of this outbreak.

Initially, stores using our marketplace will be responsible for providing their own delivery service, although we are working to provide a network of on-demand couriers as soon as possible, who will be able to provide the delivery service on behalf of the stores. For stores unable to offer their own delivery service, click and collection can be made available for customers who would like that option.

Who Can Join?

We are accepting registrations from all local businesses such as:

  • Grocery/convenience stores
  • Clothing and Electronics Stores
  • Local Independent Retailers
  • Local Services, such as Plumbers, Barbers, Hairdressers, Electricians
  • Anything that can be ordered on demand!

To Join Us, click here to find out more and complete your application. We’ll review it immediately and you’ll be able to start selling your products as soon as we’ve accepted your request to join.

Why Join?

Connect Local Businesses To Local People!

We’re currently going through unprecedented times for business and local residents alike. There has never been more of a need to make your products or services available on demand than there is right now. With everyone unable or reluctant to visit local businesses, the only option is to take the business to them!

That’s why we’ve created DeliverBuzz, Cardiff’s Virtual High Street. Let’s connect local businesses to local people and help keep businesses running as close to normal as possible.

Show Customers What Products Are Available!

Amid times of panic buying and empty shelves, if only there was a way that you could check the stock of local stores to save hours of disappointing and unnecessary shopping trips trying to find toilet roll!

Well, thats now possible using the DeliverBuzz marketplace! List your products, or integrate with your existing POS system (if you’re using SquarePOS), and customers can search for available products and order right through the app!

All You Need Is A Smartphone Or Tablet!

All your business needs is a smartphone or tablet to access the DeliverBuzz Vendor App, so that you can accept orders as they come through. You will receive live notifications every time a customer places an order, you then have the choice to accept or reject that order.

We Will Be Providing A Delivery Service ASAP!

At this current moment, stores will be responsible for managing the delivery of their own orders. However, we are working as hard as possible to provide a network of on-demand couriers to take care of your deliveries. We hope to have this in place within the next week, so please stay tuned for updates on that. This will be provided at no extra cost to the business, just a small fee to the customer.

Do You Want To Join Us?

What are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose by joining us. There is no charge to join and there is no commission charge at all for the duration of the Coronavirus Outbreak period. There will only be a small charge of 3% for processing online payments, payments made in person or Cash will not be charged.

It’s really simple, all you have to do is visit this link to join us, and then simply create your stores page, enter your hours, delivery times and BOOM, you’re ready to go and customers can find your store on the marketplace.

If you have any questions, if you need any support in the joining process, getting your store up and running, or anything else, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here. You can also contact us on any of our social media accounts here: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


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