Courier Guide

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Download The App
  • 3. Using The App
  • 4. Collecting Orders
  • 5. Paying For Orders
  • 6. Delivering Orders
  • 7. Earnings Payouts
  • 8. Getting Support
  • Confirmation

It's our pleasure to have you on board! Thank you for joining our journey, we're glad you could be a part of it. If you're reading this, then it means you have received your welcome package via email, which means you're ready to start making deliveries!

You need to read through this courier guide to understand how everything works. Once you have submitted the confirmation in the bottom tab, you will receive your login credentials via email within 24 hours.

This guide will provide you with all the instructions you need to get you up and running. If you have any more questions then please get in touch using the Live Chat feature on the App or Website.

Congrats on joining the DeliverBuzz Team, we're delighted to have you on board! Now it's time to download the courier app and start taking orders.

You must have a smartphone running on iOS or Android in order to start completing deliveries. The download links are as follows:

iOS (Apple Devices): Download the App for iOS devices here.

Android Devices: Download the app for android devices here.

Download the app and sign in once you have been provided with your login credentials.

You need to read through this courier guide to understand how everything works. Once you have submitted the confirmation in the bottom tab, you will receive your login credentials via email within 24 hours.

You will only be able to sign in after submitting your confirmation, after which you will receive your login credentials.

After signing in, you will reach the home screen where you will see any upcoming tasks. The home screen will look like this: 

Courier App Home

Available jobs will appear on this screen and any jobs that become available will appear as a notification on your phone if you're not using the app. So make sure you allow notifications from the App as this is how we'll tell you that there are deliveries available.

On the top left hand side is the menu button, if you click that you will see all of the options available within the App. The menu looks like this:

In the Menu section, you can turn on your availability, check your earnings, see viable jobs and change your settings.

In the top right hand corner, you can access your profile. Please update your profile picture and add the relevant details about your vehicle so our customers know when you've arrived.

If you ever encounter any issues whilst completing jobs, then you can use the Live Chat section to contact Operations Support here.

When orders become available, they will automatically get sent to the most suitable courier based on vehicle type and location. You will receive a notification that looks like this ready for you to accept or decline the task. If you repeatedly decline tasks, you may be removed. 

When jobs become available, you will receive a notification and it will appear like this:

To begin the job, simply click accept and follow the next instructions and directions to the pickup location. 

Once you have accepted the task, it will appear on your tasks list in two connected tasks; the pickup task, and the delivery task. The pickup task will have the address for the collection point and the delivery address will be the customer's delivery address. 

For each task, you will need to update your progress as such:

Note how in the screenshot above, it says 'Pickup' at the top, with a time next to it. This is the pickup task, and the time is the required pickup time for the order. For the delivery task, it will say 'Delivery' and will show the delivery time.

Start: Swipe to start the task, this notifies the store or the customer that you are on the way. You can also then click the directions button in the task to get directions to the pickup/delivery point.

Arrived: When you are within 200m of the pickup/delivery point, the app will automatically update to say you have arrived. This notifies the store or the customer that you are nearby. If it hasn't automatically updated, then here you should confirm it by swiping the arrived button.

Successful: Once you have successfully completed the pickup or delivery, mark it as successful by swiping to the successful button. On delivery tasks, this is where you will need to upload the cost price and receipt image.

You will have to complete the above steps for both the pickup and the delivery part of the task, be careful not to mark the delivery task as completed accidentally.

We have 3 different types of orders, all of which use a slightly different approach. They're all simple, however some require you to purchase the items in the order with funds we have transferred or authorised to you and some order only require you to collect an order already prepared by the store. The 3 order types are:

  1. Supermarket Orders
  2. Collection Orders
  3. Custom Orders

Supermarket Orders (Tesco, Iceland & Aldi)- For supermarket orders, you will be required to purchase the items on the order list before delivering them to the customer. You will be required to pay for this yourself, however we will reimburse you for the order within 1 hour of the completed delivery. You will be able to see the order details in the Courier App by clicking on 'Task Details' which will be shown after you have Accepted jobs. As you can see here:

As you can see above, you can see the collection address, delivery address and the 'Task Details'. Task details will show the order list, which will tell you the items and quantities and price. Please note that the price shown, is the sale guide price. The in store price will vary but is expected to be around 20-25% lower than the guide price provided. See the image below for an order list example:

order list example

Simply follow the order list and purchase the items that match the list. Pay close attention to the item sizes, for example, foods will have a weight e.g. 400g and drinks will have their capacity e.g. 2L. Make sure the products match the size and quantity.

Note how the item price says £20.00, this means that you should expect the item price in the store to be approximately 20-25% lower than that, meaning the price should be around £16 in the store. If the item price is not 20% lower, then please contact support to check as you may have the wrong item.

If you cannot find an item, or if you aren't sure what it looks for, the you can either search for the same item in the main Deliverbuzz app to see an image, search for it online at the supermarkets own website, or simply ask a member of staff and they will be able to help.

When you have finished the order, make sure you add the cost price in the field that says 'Cost Price' and make sure you make a list of any missing or alternative items in the 'Missing Items' field. Please make sure you do this, to avoid any unexpected delays in your reimbursement.

You can pick up Supermarket Essentials from any supermarket you like as long as it is the same as requested. The App will automatically set the supermarket address to a generic store, but you can feel free to use any other supermarket location, it's your choice! If the order only contains a few items that you think you can find in other smaller shops for the same price or less, then you can also feel free to use smaller shops to source the items. The choice is completely yours.

Currently, our supermarket essentials ranges will be requested from Tesco or Aldi supermarkets only, so please use the nearest Tesco or Aldi store.

Missing Items: If you cannot find any items or if they are unavailable, then please make a note of this in the task details. In some cases, you may pick an alternative product instead if it is a very similar product. e.g. providing a slightly different brand for an almost identical product. If you are unsure on this, contact Support via the live chat. For any items that are missing or for which you have provided an alternative item, please fill these out in the task details so that we are aware.

Receipts: When you complete the purchase, YOU MUST capture an image of the receipt and upload it on the app in the 'Images' section of the task details. Please thoroughly check the receipt to ensure that you haven't missed any items from the order lists, if you have then don't worry, just ensure that you notify us immediately via the Live Chat and enter the missing item names in the missing items section.

When you deliver the items to the customers address, you should also take a picture of their front door and upload it to the app as proof of delivery. You should upload the receipt in the 'Images' field.

DO NOT give the customer the receipt. Keep hold of it for your own records. The customer receives an e-receipt from Deliverbuzz.

Collection Only Orders (Partner Stores) - Orders from other stores that aren't requested from 'Tesco', 'Aldi', Costco or Iceland, will be collection only. This means you will only be required to go in and collect the already prepared order from the shop keeper. Arrive at the address and enter the store, when you arrive confirm the order number that is shown on the app with the shop keeper. When you arrive, ensure that you update the app to say you have arrived. This is to notify the shopkeeper of your arrival. 

Now that you have collected the order from the shop, simply follow the directions on the App to the customers address to complete the delivery. Ensure that you complete the various stages by marking them as completed on the app.

Custom Orders - These orders follow a similar process as supermarket essentials orders. We will contact you with more details about the order specifically if you have any of these orders. It will clearly state custom order within the task details.

For supermarket orders and custom orders, you may be required to purchase the items on the order list. You will be provided with a Deliverbuzz Debit Card that is automatically authorised for the purchase amount each time.

Cost Price: You must add the 'Cost Price' in the required field, which must be the accurate amount of money that you used to complete the order. This amount will be verified using the receipt.

Receipts: You must upload a clear image of the receipt from the completed order. This is essential so that our verification system can verify the receipt items and prices to ensure that these match the order list. Please make a note of any missing or alternative items so that we are aware of this in advance. Please keep the receipts for you own records, do not give them to the customer.

Missing or Alternative Items: When items are missing or unavailable in the store, you should contact the customer to offer an alternative item instead. If you are unable to contact them, or if you are unable to find a suitable alternative, then you must list the missing items in the 'Missing Items' field. If you have provided an alternative item, please also list those in the same field.

Once you have successfully collected the order or the shopping list items, you can mark your pickup task successful and start your delivery task.

Finding The Address: Follow the map to the address on the app (or enter the address into your own SatNav or maps provider if you prefer).

If you're following the in app maps provided by google maps, double check that the location on the map is the correct location for the delivery address listed. In cases where the customer has entered their address incorrectly, google maps cannot detect their location and will instead default to the middle of the city centre. So if you see the address is there, it is likely the default google maps has been given.

If you think the address is incorrect, contact our support team via the Live Chat and we'll amend it to the correct address.  

Contact Free Delivery: Please ensure that all deliveries must be contact free for both your own safety and the customer's safety. Place the order on their doorstep, knock the door and then step as far back as you can to wait. Do not hand the order to the customer.

Age Restricted Items: For age restricted items such as alcohol and cigarettes, it is your responsibility to ensure that the person who accepts the delivery is over 18. We recommend that if they look under 25, you ask them to present their ID. If they fail to do so, you must return the items to the store. Please note that it is your responsibility to check this on delivery where necessary, unless stated specifically otherwise.

ReceiptsA reminder to not give the store receipt to the customer. Keep this for your own records and upload a copy of it to the delivery task images section.

Your earnings will be paid out weekly, on Mondays for the previous week. You will receive a report with detailed information about your weekly earnings. If you have any questions regarding this then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Job Earnings - Each task has a slightly different earnings rate. Tasks that require you to make purchases will result in a higher payment due to the longer amount of time required to complete the task. You will also earn more for jobs that require longer distances to be travelled. Task pricing is as follows:

Supermarket Orders: Base rate £4 +  a % of the order value + distance fare. An example of this would be a £50 order, with a 4 mile delivery. This would earn you around £7.50 depending on the amount of items and the distance to the delivery address. A larger £100 order for example, would earn you around £10-12 depending on the order size and amount of items.

Collection Orders: Base Rate: £3.75 + distance fare.

Custom Orders: £4 base rate + distance fare.

The earnings for each task will either be displayed in the App following the completed task.

Tips: You keep 100% of all tips you receive, which will be paid along with your earnings each week. Provide the best service you can to customers and they will reward you! You will see the tips in your earnings reports in the app.

Bonuses: From time to time, we will offer additional bonuses and rewards for completing deliveries.

If you ever require support, then contact Operations Support via the Live Chat in the Courier App.

Confirm you have read the courier guide and would like to continue.

If you have any questions, or if you are unsure about anything then please either contact us via email, or contact us in the app live chat support and we’ll be happy to help!