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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question or if you have any problems then please check our FAQ’s here. Hopefully we’ve already answered your question here, but if you still need support then you can contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

If you need help with a specific order, then you can use the live chat feature in our mobile apps. The chat is available 24/7 for support and is the fastest way of getting help whenever you need it.

If you need further support then please contact us using the form below.

Both our partner stores and our couriers take great pride in ensuring that your order is prepared correctly and safely.

The order is always verified by both before the delivery process begins. We understand however, that mistakes may happen from time to time! 

If there is an issue with your order, then please contact the store you purchased it from using the live chat in the mobile and online apps. If you need further assistance you can contact us here, or by using the form below. Please do not call the store unless this is specifically requested.

Our apps are now available on both the iOS App Store and the Android Play store. You can download them using the links below:

iOS: Click here for app store link

Android: Click here for play store link

If you need to return an item then you can either contact us below, or use the live chat in our mobile apps or online store to chat with us.

Some partner stores offer same-day returns, and exchanges, collected from your location. Contact us to find out if this is available for your order.

When you place your order, you will have the choice of selecting a scheduled time slot or simply ordering for ASAP delivery. 

Scheduled deliveries will arrive within your specified time slot.

For ASAP deliveries, we aim to deliver your order to your door in under 60 minutes. In most cases, it is even less than that, it depends on your location and the level of business in your area.

In some very rare cases, the courier may get delayed by queues or missing items, in which case you will be notified of the delay.

To become a seller on DeliverBuzz, you must request to join here. We assess each request individually, but usually we will only accept registered retailers and local businesses.

Find out more information about what we can offer your business, and how you can join here.

You can make your complain below using the contact form, by contacting us on social media, or by email us directly at

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