When Do Pubs & Restaurants Open In Cardiff? Here’s Cardiff’s 6 Best Outdoor Restaurants, Bars and Pubs opening on April 26th.

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*buzz* *buzz* NOTIFICATION: Outdoor Restaurants, bars and pubs to open in Cardiff on April 26th, 2021 

When Do Pubs & Restaurants Open in Cardiff? The time has nearly come and the question on all of our minds…

Restaurants, bars and pub openings in Cardiff are in sight and the dream of sitting in the sun with a cocktail in hand at the Bay is slowly turning into a reality…

But the real question, when do pubs & restaurants open in Cardiff? and where will be open?  Here is a list of outdoor restaurants, bars and pub we feel people will be running to once open on April 26th, and places we will definitely be taking bookings for soon! (get your reservation in!) 

6 Outdoor restaurants, bars and pubs in Cardiff you need to visit from April 26th (if everything goes to plan)

*1. DEPOT Cardiff*

Home of the street food. DEPOT will be opening its doors back up to street food traders and hungry people on April 26th and, personally, I can’t wait! The street food social will be offering a wide range of different delicious delicacies from tacos, to loaded fries, to pizza! As well, it won’t be hard to find the odd alcoholic beverage around either…

Go to their website https://depotcardiff.com or Instagram @depotcardiff to grab tickets to their ‘Street food Social’ starting April 26th. 

When Do Pubs & Restaurants Open in Cardiff?
Images from @depotcardiff on Instagram.
When Do Pubs & Restaurants Open in Cardiff?
When Do Pubs & Restaurants Open in Cardiff?

*2. Gin and Bake* 

Located in the heart of the Bay, Gin and Bake is a staple to those who love a fancy looking Gin or a freshly baked treat. As well, the Coffi Co chain also serves up Fresh food, afternoon tea and immaculate vibes in their beautiful beer garden. 

Booking for outdoor service is now open on their website https://coffico.uk/locations/gin-bake/or you can visit their Instagram page @ginandbake_ for daily doses of their beautiful beverages. 

Images from @ginandbake_ on Instagram.
When Do Pubs & Restaurants Open in Cardiff?

*3. The Botanist* 

Fairly new to the Cardiff scene, The Botanist is a much loved dining experience across the whole of the UK. Offering a range of menus, the restaurant has all you want and need to set the standard of restaurant returns.

As well, the rooftop sitting area will be very inviting during the lead up to Summer, so it is definitely one to put on your ‘After April 26th’ list!

Reservations can now be made on their website https://thebotanist.uk.com or through a link on their Instagram @thebotanistuk 

Cardiff Restaurant
Images from @thebotanistuk on Instagram.

*4. Las Iguanas* 

From a drinks point of view, Las Iguanas is perfect is you are fancying a few drinks with friends. The added benefit of two locations lets you decide whether you want your drinks in the city or down the Bay. As well, their incredible offer of 2for1 all day every day is definitely at the top of the list for reasons to go. 

As well, it offers other amazing experiences such as bottomless brunch and some amazing Latin American cuisine. 

Luckily, both locations in Cardiff have outdoor seating so will be open for reservations from April 26th. Check out their website https://www.iguanas.co.uk and Instagram @lasiguanascardiff

Images from @lasiguanascardiff on Instagram.
Cardiff Restaurant

*5. The Philharmonic*

A bar, restaurant and club all wrapped in one, it’s a great night out for a ‘let’s just stay here’ vibe. Obviously, we’re going to have to wait a while until we can be inside partying our hearts out, but for now, I’m sure the outdoor seating will satisfy us just fine! 

Drinks, food and an outdoor space. What more could we want after the year we’ve had? Check out their website http://thephilharmoniccardiff.co.uk and Instagram @thephilharmoniccdf for more info. 

Cardiff restaurant, bar and club
Images from @thephilharmoniccdf on Instagram.

*6. Goodsheds*

Last, but certainly not least, is the Goodsheds located in Barry Island. The added benefit of a day out in the famous Gavin and Stacey location adds character to this place. Like the DEPOT, Goodsheds offers a range of different style street foods to ensure there is something for everyone. As well as independent street food sellers, Goodsheds offers business to small shops and businesses through the event. Starting service again on the 28th of April, this is definitely a place you need to visit on a nice day. 

Check out their website https://www.goodshedsbarry.co.uk and Instagram @goodsheds for more information! 

Restaurant, bar and shop in Cardiff/ Barry
Images from @goodsheds on Instagram.

So don’t forget the answer to the question that brought you here. When Do Pubs & Restaurants Open in Cardiff? Restaurants, Bars, Pubs and all other hospitality businesses will be opening on the 26th April 2021 outdoors.

But, if the transition is still a little too much, the Deliverbuzz app has a range of independent food shops to choose from to create your own beer garden. 

Order some good food, invite over friends (within covid rules), and set the summer standard high. 

Check us out on Instagram @deliverbuzz as well as our website https://www.deliverbuzz.co.uk

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